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Accelerating AI Adoption for Small and Medium-sized Businesses
The AI voucher program provides financial support to SMEs seeking to implement AI solutions.
MINDS AND COMPANY offers a full range of services, from model development to model management, to ensure a smooth and successful AI adoption journey.
We work closely with you to understand your unique challenges and tailor solutions that deliver real results.

Benefits of Partnering with MINDS AND COMPANY:

  • Deep expertise in AI technology and business applications
  • Proven track record of success in AI implementation
  • A comprehensive suite of services to support every stage of your AI journey
  • A dedicated team of AI experts committed to your success


From anomaly detection to demand forecasting, we offer performance-proven AI solutions that meet your specific needs


We possess extensive experience in supporting AI voucher programs across diverse industries, ranging from traditional manufacturing to telecommunications/IT, healthcare, and new ventures.


Our team of experienced management strategy consultants, drawn from leading global consulting groups, and experts in AI and IT, provides strategic consulting services to deliver optimal results for your business.


Discover brilliant ideas and solutions at AI CONNECT, the only one-stop AI competition platform in Korea.

Created by AI experts, AI CONNECT offers a comprehensive platform for AI enthusiasts and professionals.

  • Access to cutting-edge AI challenges and datasets
  • Powerful GPU resources for training and deployment
  • A fair and transparent competition environment
  • Opportunities to learn and network with other AI professionals
  • A platform to showcase your skills and expertise to potential employers


7,500 +





Prize Money

103 billion won+

AI-bility Test

AI-bility Test, the most advanced competency assessment test for data scientists and machine learning modelers

AI competencies cannot be adequately assessed through general coding tests. AI Connect coding tests are designed based on precise criteria and expert evaluation, focusing on the competencies required in real AI projects in the industry.

Experience a more efficient and professional recruitment process for AI talent by narrowing the gap between hiring companies and applicants through AI Connect coding tests.


The only competency verification test in Korea for Data Scientists and Machine Learning Modelers.


Tailored AI-focused questions meticulously crafted by Minds & Company’s expert personnel.


A multidimensional evaluation that comprehensively assesses practical understanding of AI technologies as well as proficiency in real-world applications

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