AI FDS (Fraud detection system)

In the era of generative artificial intelligence, there’s a need for AI anomaly detection systems (FDS) from multinational corporations (MNCs) to prepare for emerging threats.


Key features

Join Minds & Company with our verified AI FDS (Anomaly Detection System), which effectively detects potential fraudulent transactions not learned by conventional rule-based systems. Our reinforced FDS conducts enhanced detection based on dual-search for all patterns, garnering significant industry interest in this advanced solution.


Successful implementation of the first AI-powered FDS (Fraud Detection System) in Korea, built for an investment securities firm.


Effective detection of potential fraudulent transactions that traditional rule-based methods fail to identify


By securing cases of previously undetected fraudulent transactions, it becomes possible to extract subjects for focused monitoring


Discovering and applying new types and patterns of fraudulent transactions to the system

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